My role
Lead Prototyper
As a product designer on the design team at Yohana, a startup funded by Panasonic, I developed my Figma prototyping skills and soon became the go-to prototyper on our team. 
Internal Demo Prototype
I built the company’s first member app prototype using Figma, bringing static designs to life and providing the first interactive end-to-end view of the member experience to the entire company prior to launch.
Usability testing prototypes
I also created numerous Figma prototypes for usability testing new features. For example, I led prototyping and visual design for an iterative, comprehensive usability study that laid the foundation for several new features and improvements. 
By the end of the study, I had created a total of 14 iterative prototypes. The prototypes were so complex that my Figma file ran out of memory by iteration 10, so I needed to split it into two separate files. 

During this project, the prototyping flows in my Figma file alternated between resembling a Christmas tree and a dementor, depending on how challenging my prototyping work was that day. 

In order to enable rapid iteration during the RITE test, I started the prototyping process by creating master components for all assets I planned to reuse in a "Cozy Copy Corner" so that we could later quickly update copy and content as needed.

For each user task in the test, I built out a prototype section like the one shown here. This test was done before Figma enabled multiple flows, so as a workaround I made a prototype menu, accessible via a hidden button on every screen, from where the tester could direct the prototype to a different task section. 

As user performance and feedback improved through our iterations, I switched to a simpler prototype to test more focused issues.

Team building
internal Workshop: Prototyping in Figma
Being the main prototyper on the team, many teammates came to me for prototyping tasks and advice. By popular request, I eventually led a series of workshops to share my tips for prototyping in Figma with the rest of the design team.

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