Service Introduction
Personal Assistant for Working Moms
Yohana is a personal assistant service that helps working moms tackle everything on their ever-growing to-do lists. I joined the startup, which is funded by Panasonic, a few months after its founding and was able to contribute from the initial service design stages to our post-launch service and app improvements.
My Role
Product Design
As a product/UX designer on the Member App team, I have helped shape our member experience - from blueprinting and competitive analysis to Figma prototyping, usability testing, feature design, and building components for our design system.

I also helped define foundational industrial design strategy for the company's hardware program with high level explorations across various industries.

I contributed to the creation of our initial service blueprint, which helped drive cross-functional and leadership alignment before any of the touchpoints were designed

I designed and shipped navigation improvements, including a bottom navigation bar, aligning stakeholders through visual mock-ups that solved user challenges identified through user research

Figma Prototyping
As the top prototyper on the design team, I created the first interactive Figma prototype of our member app to demo to the entire company, bringing static designs to life for the first time before our app was built and launched. 
I also created numerous Figma prototypes for usability testing new features and led prototyping and visual design for an iterative, comprehensive usability study that laid the foundation for several new features and improvements.
Design System
I built several responsive components for the company's design system and created technical documentation for their implementation. 
One example is the top navigation bar component I created for web applications, shown below in various contexts across surfaces. 

Design system technical documentation

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